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Lynesha Marie, a life coach and travel entrepreneur, emphasizes intentional living and the transformative power of travel. Integrating these elements into your business and personal life can unlock growth and opportunities.

Travel Professional Extraordinaire

Drawing from years of experience as a Flight Attendant and personal experience traveling to domestic and international destinations for over 10 years, Lynesha is well versed in the travel industry. She is able to curate a memorable experience.

Your Coach & Mentor

Consider Lynesha your secret weapon in achieving your personal, professional, and financial goals. Her committment to your success positions your to reach your highest potential and thrive in every area of life. 

It's time to F.L.Y

Join Lynesha Marie as a client or business partner and get ready for a transformative journey!


  • Travel Consultation & Planning, specializing in adults only, all inclusive, always luxury in unique destination vacations on land or ship.

  • Access to an additional team of specialized Travel Advisors.

  • Travel Agency Start Up - Helping others find personal, time, and financial freedom through passive, residual, and leveraged income.

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Travel Booking Process

  1. Schedule a Travel Intake Call or Complete the short Travel Inquiry Request Form 

  2. Following our initial conversation, pay the travel planning fee to initiate services. More information regarding terms and conditions will be shared during the intake process.

  3. The Travel Advisor will send personalized quotes within 24-48 business hours for review. 

  4. Client provides feedback.

  5. Your vacation is booked and get ready for a memorable time!

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