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The story of Jewel is not yet over, we have only just begun. In the first installment, Dirt to Destiny: Living a Life of Obedience, we learned about the impact that choices have on our lives. In the midst of the wilderness, there is hope and most importantly reconciliation. The past does not define you, it refines you. It is the catalyst to your future self.


At the end of the first book, Jewel, was coming into the realization of who she was created to be and understood that she was born to do and accomplish something (even if she didn’t know what it was). In Dirt to Destiny: Ready to Rise, we pick up where we left off. We walk with Jewel on her road to discovery. Uncovering who she is and and what she is purposed to do. The journey is not without twists and turns. No one said it was easy, but it’s worth it. We are all born for a reason. This book is not about Jewel, it’s about you. Yes you.


By the end of the book, can you answer the question:


Are you Ready to Rise?


It’s time to get to work. We’re getting rid of any self-limiting thoughts, doubt, fear, or anything that may be holding you back from walking into your Destiny.


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