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In the three book series, This is book I. It details the life of 16-year-old, Jewel, who has everything a girl could possibly want - book smarts, good looks, and a solid family foundation. She was practically perfect, but what she didn't allow people to know or see was all the inner turmoil she dealt with. As she got older, she found herself running away from God and the assignment she knew was over her life. Jewel eventually ends up in a dark place with nowhere or no one to turn to, except God. This book is not just about salvation; it's a story about what happens after you make the decision to live for Christ. Even after Jewel made the decision, she continued making bad choices, including some that may have almost cost her life. This is a story about living an intentional life and a life of obedience. No one said it was easy, but it's all a part of your destiny.


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