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Transform Your Coaching Business with Travel

Start Your Own Travel Business with Step-by-Step Coaching and Comprehensive Support from an Industry Expert

Who Should Attend?

Passionate About Travel and Adventure: You love exploring new places and cultures, and you want to turn that passion into a profitable business.

Seeking Additional Income: You're an entrepreneur looking for a new revenue stream but aren’t sure how to start a travel business.

Ready to Learn Actionable Steps: You want clear, practical guidance on how to launch and grow a successful travel-related business.

Desiring Flexibility and Joy: You crave the freedom and happiness that comes with running a business on your own terms.

Meet Lynesha,

Proven Success in Travel Entrepreneurship

As a trusted mentor, I’ve guided numerous entrepreneurs to success in the travel business. Even top earners seek my advice and use my social media content for training, showcasing my effectiveness and reliability.

Unique Expertise from a Seasoned Professional

With experience as a flight attendant and expertise in HR and coaching, I offer a unique perspective on the travel business. This blend of skills allows me to provide comprehensive guidance for those looking to excel in the industry.

Holistic Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth

My coaching addresses business goals as well as personal and financial aspirations, ensuring clients achieve success in all areas of their lives.

Building a Community of Successful Entrepreneurs

I am dedicated to creating a supportive community where entrepreneurs can thrive together. My leadership empowers others to build and lead their own successful teams.

Discover how my expertise and proven strategies can transform your travel business. Whether starting a new venture or elevating an existing one, I provide the insights and support needed to achieve your goals.

What We Will Cover

Take your Goals around the Globe!

Step-by-Step Guidance: Starting a travel business can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. We provide detailed, step-by-step guidance to help you successfully launch and grow your travel business.

Comprehensive Coaching: Benefit from Lynesha’s extensive experience in HR, coaching, and the travel industry. You’ll receive personalized coaching on personal, professional, and financial goals, ensuring you have the support you need to thrive.

Expertise in Business and Travel: With a deep understanding of business systems and high-level travel knowledge, Lynesha merges her expertise to provide a well-rounded coaching experience. She knows the ins and outs of the travel industry and how to navigate it successfully.

Support System: One of the main reasons entrepreneurs quit prematurely is the lack of support. Lynesha offers a robust support system that includes regular coaching sessions, actionable steps, and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.


Register Now to Unlock the Secrets!

Valrie Hefty, WI

"I am honored to be a member of this elite group! Lynesha is one in a million! She will coach you all the way to success."
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